Dunlop Systems and Components

Designing, validating and manufacturing products for an increasingly varied array of customers, Dunlop Systems and Components specialises in advanced electronic control systems and air suspension components for the automotive industry and related sectors.

Constructed in 2014, the company’s Coventry plant employs around 80 people and requires a complex combination of business critical cooling and air handling units for its advanced manufacturing environment.

The company has retained Morson FM as its preferred provider for hard FM services since the plant was commissioned, having decided to put all planned and reactive maintenance into a single package.  Morson FM implements an agreed programme of planned maintenance and monitoring, including quarterly and annual equipment servicing.

Comments from Dunlop Systems and Components:

“In all the time we have been working with Morson FM we have never needed to make an emergency call out because the team keeps all our mechanical plant in such good order. 
“We have an excellent relationship with the company, we know we can pick up the phone with a question or a maintenance request whenever we need to and we trust them to co-ordinate all our building services, providing a central maintenance hub.”